British Firm Sells Survey Technique To Maritime Administration

U.K.-based international shipyard consultants A and P Appled o r e ( A P A ) have sold t h e i r shipbuilding technology survey technique to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Maritime Administration. The survey technique is a system developed by the British firm two years ago to measure on a worldwide basis the level of technology used in 70 different asp e c t s of shipbuilding yard operation. The Maritime Administration is now using the APA system to assess U.S. shipbuilding technology at 14 leading shipyards.

The operation is being carried out by Marine Equipment Leasing (MEL), the American marine consultants, under the direct supervision of the Administration and APA.

Two senior Appledore consultants have returned from Washington, D.C., after a detailed briefing of MEL and Administration staff. MEL will now carry out surveys in the shipyards, and later this year will visit Appledore's Newcastle upon Tyne northeast England office, to prepare its reports and compile a c o n s o l i d a t e d industry report, which will compare U.S. shipbuilding technology with major foreign shipyards.

APA say that there has never been a uniform i n d u s t r y - w i d e evaluation of shipbuilding technology, and the study will identify areas where the U.S. shipbuilders are leading or lagging behind their foreign counterparts. It will thus provide the U.S. with a sound basis for developing a research and development program to improve the efficiency and productivity of its shipyards.

The Appledore survey technique has been widely used in both s h i p b u i l d i n g and ship repair yards in the U.K., Canada, India, Egypt, and France.

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